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Essay and Short Video Contest

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Submission: Essays or videos should be submitted using the online form or email only. Each participant can submit one entry for consideration. The youth or his/her/their adult sponsor (see below) can submit the essay.

Deadline: The 2019-2020 Essay Contest Deadline is April 26, 2019. Entries received after Midnight EST on that day will not be considered.

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The Messenger: Prophet Muhammad and His Life of Compassion

This book narrates the life of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and sheds light upon segments of his life that are either neglected or glossed over in conflict-focused biographies. The narrations in this book revolve around the Prophet’s various strategies of diplomacy and reconciliation to avoid conflicts. In narrating these events, the book is a useful resource to broaden perspectives on the life of the Messenger of God and better capture the ethos of his life. Indeed, both Muslims and non-Muslims may benefit from this understanding at a time when violent extremist groups such as ISIS are causing carnage with their brutality while dressing their totalitarian ideologies in Muslim garb. The book exposes the hypocritical and willful deception of radical groups which cherrypick incidents and sayings from the Prophet’s life, decontextualize them, and abuse them to serve their perverted ideologies.