Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in the contest?

Any person who lives in the US and Canada can participate. The recommended age to participate is 15 years old, however if anyone younger feels they can take the test without any help they too may participate.

How and when do I take the exam?

The exam is to be taken online on certain exam dates.

Which book do I read to take the exam?

This year’s contest will be based on Messenger of God Muhammad (pbuh) by Fethullah Gulen. All questions on the test will be taken from this book. Each year a different seerah book will be selected.

Can we change the exam date?

If you would like to change your exam date, please re-register and select a new exam date with the same email address. The latest registration will be valid and the previous registration date will be cancelled

Is there a registration fee associated with the contest?

There is absolutely no charge.

Does a person have to be Muslim to enter the contest?

There are no restrictions on religious grounds. Anybody who feels they can take the test can participate.

I was told that a non-muslim would not be able to get a visa to go to Mecca. Can you check into this?

That is correct, non-Muslims are not allowed to visit Mecca and Medina per regulations by the Saudi Arabia. For non-Muslim winners, we will arrange a trip to Turkey instead of Umrah.

Can participants register more than once?

Participants can only register once and are allowed to take the exam only once.

Why don't you allow adult female to go to the Umrah by herself?

We have set the Umrah conditions for female visitors based on the entry rules of the Saudi government. No female visitor between 18 and 45 will be granted visa by the Saudi Consulate to visit Mecca and Medinah.(Unless they travel with their husband, due to entry rules they cannot enter alone)

Can this test be given to prisoners or detainees in paper version? If they win, can their first-degree relative receive the award?

Unfortunately the contest is not open to the detainees in jails or prisons due to internet acess. Please check with your chaplain about a paper contest. Some Muslim Chaplains might be organizing paper exams in their facilities and providing different prizes as incentives.

Is it possible to participate the contest even if I am from different country, but living in US?

You are allowed to participate in the contest if your residence is here in the US or Canada. You would not be eligible to join if you are visiting.

How many questions, in how many minutes?

The test is a multiple choice test with 50 questions in an hour.

Will wrong cancel out the correct ones?

Wrong answers will NOT cancel out right answers.

What if there is more than 99 people who score 100?

The test will be an online test which will be simultaneously taken by all registered participants. Participants will need a computer with access to internet. The score will be determined by the correctness of the choice and the speed to pick the right choice. The program we use calculate the speed by seconds and the speed of answering will greatly impact the score.

I am teaching a Seerah class to 8 grade girls, and they are really eager to attend to the reading contest. Is there any age limit for participation?

We made the age flexible. The rules state the following: Recommended age for the contest is high school level and up.

If anybody deserve the Umrah reward, can they send someone else to Umrah instead of themselves?

Participants who won the Umrah trip, could send their first degree relatives (parents, sister, brother or their child) instead of themselves if they are unable to attend the trip.